RO.RO.TRANSHIP s.r.l. have been established in Trieste, Italy on 7th July 1977. In the same year Jimmy Carter become the 39th President of the United States. Elvis Presley and Maria Callas died, the Italian TV began broadcasting in color, the movie “Star Wars” came out, the Atari put on the market the “Atari 2600”, the first game console widely distributed and the band “The Police” was born.

Initially RO.RO.TRANSHIP has been dedicated mainly to logistics and shipment of timber and forest products from Austria and destined for countries in North Africa, Red Sea and Persian Gulf. From the beginning the company has always targeted to the European market, heir to a tradition that developed from the foundation of the Free Port of Trieste, the natural outlet of Central Europe and Danubian countries to the Mediterranean and overseas countries .

During the ’80s the company further develops its business, home delivery and shipping brokers in the timber sector and implements its activities by offering a number of accessory services (storage, drying, selection, repackaging, marking, etc..) inside the free port of Trieste.
It also began to operate in the shipment of full containers, mainly from the ports of the Adriatic Sea to the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf and the Far East.

During the ’90s, the experience developed in the logistics of the timber allows the RO.RO.TRANSHIP to expand its activities with other goods such as paper, pulp and MDF panels. Besides the traditional services offered to Austrian exporters of timber, is also developing its business of unloading and storage of forest products from Southeast Asia within the Timber Terminal of the Port of Trieste.

The years 2000 marked a turning point for RO.RO.TRANSHIP: under the conditions offered by the Port of Koper for timber logistics, the main part of this traffic is carried by sister company Visped doo, established in 1999 in Slovenia, with the aim to take care of freight forwarding operations at the port of Koper. On the other hand there is a considerable development in shipments by container for timber and other products destined primarily to Japan, China and the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, during this period, the company began operating in the field of transport and loading / unloading of project cargo, containerization of goods as well as in heavy and out of shape goods, or in their unitization on mafi trailers.


At the same time RO.RO.TRANSHIP holds exclusive and not-exclusive agency agreements with its agents in all European countries and in many countries outside Europe, mainly in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea and Persian Gulf, the Indian subcontinent, China, Korea, Vietnam, all the countries in South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In this way it is able to offer shipping services “door to door” to its European customers and the maximum support to its agents, following their shipments on the European shore. In addition to the services already offered (delivery by sea with full containers and break bulk ships), now RO.RO.TRANSHIP can also offer LCL/LCL sea services and airfreight to and from the regions mentioned above.

Since 1978, the headquarters is located in Via XXX October in Trieste, on the fourth floor of the Palazzo Vianello, built by architect Berlam in 1904 on behalf of the family of local merchants and freight forwarders Vianello.

The RO.RO.TRANSHIP joints ASTRA-ASPT, the local forwarding association, Fedespedi, the Italian national forwarding association and FIATA..