Logistics and shipping timber is our first activity and RO.RO.Tranship born in 1977 to serve for Austrian exporters of timber using the Adriatic ports to ship their goods to the countries of the Mediterranean, Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

The large volume of goods coming from central Europe were received in our warehouse directly by rail wagons and trucks and stored before boarding on break bulk ships, liners or chartered vessels.

Due to the large volume of goods handled and the experience gained over the years, we were able to add further services to the usual port handing of this kind of goods, starting from simple manipulation to recondition the cargo awaiting for shipment, sticking the bundles for air drying, and reconditioning the bundles, sorting the material, marking the bundles, painting the heads, stamping (piece by piece), labeling and issuing of the packing list of the new bundles.

In the Nineties the way chosen by wood exporter, for logistical reasons, found even better conditions in the port of Koper, where since 1999 we are present with our company Visped doo, in which we transferred all our experience, giving continuity to what has had already started in Trieste.

During the ’90s, with the upgrading of full containers services to and from the Far East we have implemented our business and we specialized in the containerization of the timber in box containers, which has become now the cheapest way to ship the dried lumber to many destinations. This shipping method allows you to reach many countries of destination, even for limited quantities of goods.

Today, the availability of roofs and yards where goods can be stored for natural drying and exploitation of the dry and windy weather in our area, along with the work of skilled and dedicated staff and experience of the owners in timber logistics, allow us to provide exporters with a wide package of services.